Nous répertorions ici les réponses aux questions les plus fréquentes. Nous avons tenté d’y répondre de manière générale et spécifique à la fois. Nous vous invitons à nous contactez-nous si vous avez d’autres questions. Nous veillons à étoffer la liste pour votre confort.

How are things at the Love Health Center?

The Love Health Center is a center designed to facilitate your access to sexual knowledge and well-being. We offer a variety of activities to meet a wide range of demands. We hope you will find an activity that suits you. Each one allows for a different mode, style and pace of approach.

Permanences, conferences, workshops, thematic meeting places, individual consultations, talking circles.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a suggestion. Come and meet us. The doors of the Love Health Center are open to you. A friendly space awaits you. Just to listen to you, perhaps you would like to listen to more discussions, meet other people. Whatever your preferences, we will try to find a solution.

How do I know if one of your services is right for me?

You know, we’re all different. We have different life paths, a spectrum of specific needs at a time “t”, unique affinities and preferences. We invite you to come and meet us, exchange a few words.

Following our discussion, we will be able to direct you to the services that seem most appropriate to you. We offer a wide range of services, and the sector’s offer is much broader. It may be that your need corresponds to other services than ours. We will be able to direct you towards partners or other professionals. One of the missions of the Love Health Center is to be able to direct people towards the services they like in the sexology ecosystem (in Brussels and sometimes beyond).

How do I make an appointment?

You have several possibilities. Our preferences are that you use the “book” buttons on different pages of the site. Or you can come and meet us on site during our office hours, activities or during our outpatient activities (see agenda).

You can also send us an email with your full contact details and your preferred days and times to get back to you.

We will then continue the discussion verbally for more efficiency.

Our availabilities are very variable from week to week. We are therefore flexible to suit everyone’s comfort.

If you wish to make your life easier, copy and paste the text below for the structure of your email. You’ll save time without worrying about the form and we’ll get to the point:


I’m interested in your service: …

I’d like to discuss it over the phone.

I am available preferably on the following days … from … to …

Here’s my contact information: (name + first name + email + tee)

I look forward to talking to you.

Kind regards

What can Orgasmic Meditation do for me?

The benefits of Orgasmic Meditation are multiple. They depend on your specific situation and your practice. We cannot predict this in advance for you. You yourself may be pleasantly surprised at the changes you will experience in your life and relationships. The key is to practice. Like any technique, it is important to practice again and again to get results. What we observe is that the results are solidly anchored. You are building skills, adapted to yourself, that will feed you for the long term.

The best benefits are gained by combining the practice of OM with coaching. In addition to the many benefits on a sexual level, some people tell me:

  • I am less worried and less reactive
  • I think much less, I no longer have all these ideas that flood my mind and prevent me from being present.
  • I am now able to observe my patterns
  • I’m able to stay in the discomfort
  • I’ve built deeper and truer relationships
  • I have more nurturing relationships
  • I’m finally myself without feeling like I have to be the “sweet” person.
  • I feel much more alive, full of energy…
  • I’ve learned to be vulnerable
  • I’ve learned to say “no”
  • I feel much more joy in my body
  • I feel a wider range of emotions, not just sadness,
  • Relationships can be very nurturing, even without sex…
  • I have learned to maintain my authority and take full responsibility for my choices…
  • I’ve learned to know what my authentic choices can be.
  • I finally accept intimacy with a partner.
What is Olivier's coaching style and how can he help me?

Because a happy sexuality also requires a global well-being, and vice versa, Olivier offers coaching sessions. Change is permanent. We live in continuous transitions, sometimes without realizing it. Although we are obliged to adapt and follow the permanent changes (in all our relationships), some decide to undergo it, others decide to lift the veil of their satisfaction. Sometimes, we just want help, listening to help us progress more effectively towards our well-being.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it. “Abraham Lincoln

You can’t change others, you can’t stop being in a constant stream of change. Some people say you can only change yourself. And I don’t think you like being changed! Nobody likes to be changed. You want to love and be loved the way you are.

You don’t like to be changed, but if you don’t do anything, it changes you.

I’m not talking about material or professional goals, I’m talking about being relational. How to manage your mind, how to be happy in your relationships, whatever they may be.

I will guide you at your own pace, to move towards you in your relationships.

My type of coaching is in the “slow” movement. A coaching focused on the essential and what feeds you. I deeply believe in it.

I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to offer my child counselling to provide answers to his or her questions about sexuality?

More and more parents dare to talk to their children about sexuality. However, without education, in-depth knowledge, an overview and practical experience in the field of sexology and sexuality, it is sometimes difficult to answer all the questions and have a calm dialogue. Even to be able to maintain a rich, open and continuous dialogue.   We observe that mothers living alone find it difficult to answer their son’s questions. Dads living alone find it difficult to answer their daughter’s questions. This is a classic case. And we can help.

Don’t worry. Both parents and children don’t dare to talk about certain topics. There are many reasons, and a combination of reasons: restraint, modesty, intimacy, embarrassment, discomfort, pride, fear of the other’s interpretation… As a third, external, neutral person, many obstacles disappear by themselves. The capacity for dialogue is much higher, the spectrum of possibilities widens.

Without this external neutrality, without the risk of bias in interpretation and judgment, many essential questions remain unanswered. There is an enormous potential for awakening and learning that remains dormant.

It is necessary to know how to open dialogue, to dare to speak about all subjects, to demystify them, to learn to understand them, to form one’s own opinion, to develop a critical and scientific mind. Opening up a dialogue can be learned, and that is our job.

At the end of a discussion, one perceives the relief and fulfillment of the child who has been able to ask questions.

Little by little, we lay the foundations for a fulfilling emotional and sexual relationship.

As an EVRAS facilitator, don’t think that a few sessions every 2 years at school are enough. It is largely insufficient. The responsibility is multiple. It is up to each one to guide his children towards the multiple resources which can be useful to him.

The school offers EVRAS group sessions. We offer individual and group sessions that allow you to go further. These open a unique space, different from the school context, in the middle of a group of students that you have not chosen.

The changes in a young person’s life are opportunities to open dialogue and to go further in the education of relational, affective and sexual life. You can imagine a transition and steps towards greater autonomy. Negotiate consensual conditions with your young person. Negotiate more autonomy in exchange for tools, awakening and reflection. Not generalities, but dedicated discussions of great values.

Here are a few changes to help you and your parents negotiate an EVRAS offer with your child:

  • The beginning of evening outings, the WE
  • The beginning of summer festival releases
  • The approach of the holidays
  • Driver’s license
  • The approach to university studies
  • Renting a kot

Not questioning oneself is worse because the dominant unconscious, social and cultural representations will express themselves. Awareness is the first step in changing behaviour towards a better being. The young person does not know that he does not know. He knows he doesn’t know, but doesn’t know what question to ask. Or he thinks he knows. Either scenario creates a closure.

It is essential to offer a special one-on-one time for the questions that are bothering them to hatch. The doors of the Love Health Center are open. 

What's a Sex Educator ?

A Sex Educator is someone who is there to inform and answer the relational and sexual questions that everyone has. The questions are so numerous, intimate and varied that it totally justifies collective and individual listening sessions.

We all have a unique life path, and evolving, specific needs. The educator adapts himself to the particularities of the group and/or the person to allow his blossoming.

[Olivier]: I’m a sexual educator, sexologist and coach. What makes the particularity and difference is my expertise, my passion for sexology, my experience in the field, my empathetic, positive and neutral approach.

[Camille]: …

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