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Sexoperinatality is an emerging concept that addresses issues of intimacy in perinatalit- during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a physical, physiological and emotional upheaval. Health care professionals know this, and different services are offered in perinatality. However, few services exist for sexoperinatal care. Yet, whether it is pregnant women and/or their partners, questions and fears arise.

It is important to be able to answer intimate questions when they arise. And, perinatality is an opportune time to discuss this subject with women and couples.

Thus, at the Love Health Center, we offer training in sexoperinatality for health professionals: midwives, doula, gynaecologists, hospitals, non-profit organizations.

In practice

  • Toolkit: Resources for approaching intimacy with patients and the couple.
  • Sex Supervision: discuss with a sex therapist the blockages and confrontational situations in sexoperinatality.
  • Role-playing games
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What’s in it for your practice

  • Feeling comfortable answering intimate questions from couples and pregnant women
  • Promoting sexual health
  • Accompanying couples in a holistic way
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