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The Love Health Center welcomes Nadège who offers you an evening of dance, meditation, sharing, confidence, presence to oneself, to other women, and fun! A sweet, light, feminine evening, in a spirit of joy and sisterhood.

In practice

  • The duration of the evening is 3 hours
  • Bring writing materials, water, comfortable and warm clothing.
  • Also bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket.

Information: nadegefusion@gmail.com; 0474 047045

I reserve my experience

Your companion coach:

I am Nadège Jibassia, I help women to free themselves from the lack of love and to manifest their Power as a Woman.

I offer weekly classes of fusion bellydance, workshops on the Sacred Feminine, massage sessions, and individual accompaniment. I also appear on stage with oriental and Indian inspired dances and dervish tours.

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