06. Eat and chill: sex meal

Are you familiar with the concept of sex parties?

Well, the Love Health Center offers you similar evenings, nice, warm, in a living room or dining room to talk about intimacy between friends. The only difference is that we are not there to present and sell sex toys, even if we can talk about it.

Eat & Chill is a concept of an evening between friends with the presence of a sexologist.

During this convivial evening, the sexologist is there to answer your questions, inform, listen and exchange.

You will be able to discover sexological material placed at your disposal to increase your knowledge.

Meal sexo

With your friends or family, get together over a good meal to discuss intimacy and relationships. To accompany you in this sharing, Camille and Olivier will be at your side to animate the discussion, with the help also of sexological materials (books, objects, models…).

I reserve my experience


You can book our services to accompany your lunch, afternoon, and evening:

  • To your home;
  • At the Love Health Center (we have a lounge/dining room);
  • In a place that you rent.

At the Love Health Center, we can cook together, you can cook yourself, or have a meal delivered (zero waste, organic, ethical).

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