10. Service for migrants

The Love Health Center promotes individual and collective well-being. We are committed to a more beautiful society. And we are concerned about the situation of migrants. Mass migration has always existed. Our time is not an exception and there have already been periods of much greater mass migration in the history of mankind.

Scientists objectively observe that the world’s settlement dynamics is a history of constant migratory flows. Mass displacements take place in every epoch (traders, conquests, colonization, industrialization, wars, etc.).

Only recently has the question of social cohesion and integration become a major issue. Societies are gradually realising that “holding together is not natural”, there is a myth that “integration is natural”.

For both migrants and locals, a mutual understanding of each other’s history is key to successful integration. If there is understanding, especially on questions of morals, there is an opening and curiosity (whereas if there is misunderstanding, there is withdrawal, closure and rejection. This goes against successful integration).

On the basis of the recent experience of migration in Europe, the German government has understood that better integration of migrants requires an understanding of our current society and the culture that welcomes them (itself constantly changing and multifaceted). The German government has introduced a kind of moral education, a kind of Education for Relational, Affective and Sexual Life (EVRAS). And it is bearing fruit. The Love Health Center draws on this German experience to offer equivalent services here in Belgium.

Addressing issues related to sexuality is a powerful lever for integration.

Being interested in people’s experiences when they are confronted with the difference in culture and morals (between their own and ours), as equals, makes it possible to spend nourishing moments. These moments create a real openness, understanding, curiosity. A connection takes shape. We manage to tackle a large number of subjects that are nevertheless very delicate, sensitive, personal, subjective and intimate.

Understanding a society requires taking time to dialogue on its foundations:

The relationship between men and women…

  • The family
  • Morals
  • The education system
  • Gender issues, homosexuality and so many others.
  • Marriage
  • Religion
  • Human Rights

Sexuality is an entry point for all these issues that make up a society and a culture.

We are aware that the integration of newcomers requires an understanding of the culture that welcomes them. Understanding literally means taking with, accepting and thus becoming an actor and aware of our choices. Let us participate in the celebration of our differences.

At the Love Health Center, we join with actors in the field and associations to help migrants understand and enjoy our society.

Why choose us?

  • Our expertise in talking about sensitive subjects allows us to create a listening space where everyone feels comfortable and open to dialogue;
  • We have intercultural knowledge;
  • We have an expertise in working in schools with hyper heterogeneous classes during EVRAS animations (sexual education in schools);
  • We have a passion for inclusive human beings;
  • We speak English, as some migrants do.
I reserve my experience

In practice, we offer:

  • Talking circles
  • Group activities
  • Conferences
  • Opportunities for individual consultations
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