Advices for greater relationships

What is relationship-talk? A series of video to share advices.

8 out of 10 couples don’t discuss sexuality and intime desire openly with authenticity, beyond taboo. Are you one of those? If yes, this serie is for you. Let’s start together.

From July 2019 to Oct 2019, Olivier and Katalin recorded some advices to develop greater relationships

Creating a beautiful fulfilling relationship requires to develop the ability to discuss about intimate subjects.

We propose you advices on essential topics in a modern way. Several people told us the content was rich and useful for themselves and we hope it will help you one way or another.

Note whatever the age of your relationship, there is no easy way to talk with authenticity and vulnerability about intimate subjects.

But once the desire is present, it’s the moment to deepen the intimacy. Trust the best for all, be patient, listen, be curious, offer space to be intimate. Create the quality of presence to yourself and for your relationship to grow.

There is no one-fit-all solution. There are experiences and trials to fine tune your skills. Learning is not linear. And progresses are often astonishing once we dare with care.

Dare to talk is a gift for you and your relationship. Take care of yourself, your partner and family.

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